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ReverendPathfinder: Locair (3rd Level)  February 3, 2011 4:01 AM | Post #1
Goblin King

Welcome to the world of Locair. The world has fallen into a chaotic state and is heading for ruin. The art of enchanting items has been long forgotten making such items extremely rare and hard to find. The cost of potions have increased greatly since the loss of many magical items.

Are you the hero this world needs? A villain that's working on conquest or the complete destruction of Locair? Or perhaps you are just an adventurer that is seeing what Locair has left to offer? Just who are you and what are your intentions? Message me with your character's information for approval and lets begin!

Please send all questions that involve this world to my in box.
if you wish not to do anything in reaction to a post or want to hold your turn please send me a private message
We're going with the medium level advancement.
Post you're attack rolls and damage rolls together, and separate your damage in to categories.
Total Attack roll: 23, damage: +2 STR +1 dagger +6 Fire +18 Sneak Attack = 27 total damage

All races allowed however I will put a level adjustment on some of the monstrous races.
Who ever rolls a higher initiative would move first regardless of who post first. If the action of someone with a lower initiative who posted before the other person would become illogical,pointless, or just unable to be done that player would be ask if he/she would like to do anything else instead.
I'll Edit this 1st post as needed. I'll set the password when we start. Password: spideregg

Don't blame me for what my minions have done. Blame yourself for being the target.

ÂmesangRe: Pathfinder: Locair (3rd Level)  February 9, 2011 5:44 AM | Post #2
has lost the game

I've sent a PM with my character's info, based as closely on the Bestiary entries as I could. Sorry for the late reply, turns out building a 3rd-level character was more time consuming than I had expected (especially when it came down to deciding on equipment).


ÂmesangRe: Pathfinder: Locair (3rd Level)  February 13, 2011 12:12 AM | Post #3
has lost the game

Never thought I'd be double posting like this (I'm so alone!), but I was thinking; perhaps it would be best to make attack rolls/caster level checks and damage rolls at the same time. If the attack/spell fails, then the damage is just ignored. If successful, then we wouldn't have to wait around for the seperate roll to be made.

Also, if damage comes in two or more types (say, from a flaming sword), it should be good to have them as seperate rolls instead of adding them together (incase of damage reduction/resistance/immunities).


Anyway, I think my human ranger is finally finished. The Advanced Player's Guide was a bigger help than I had originally expected.


KidakRe: Pathfinder: Locair (3rd Level)  February 21, 2011 6:21 AM | Post #4

I will make mine when i have the books in front of me and the time sorry i haven't had them in front of me when i had the time to make them yet :P

KairoiRe: Pathfinder: Locair (3rd Level)  February 27, 2011 7:52 PM | Post #5
The Fighter

Sorry I haven't been online lately… Been busy… I'll just need to know the requirements for the dice stat rolling, please.

ReverendRe: Pathfinder: Locair (3rd Level)  February 28, 2011 4:35 PM | Post #6
Goblin King

Sorry I haven't been online lately… Been busy… I'll just need to know the requirements for the dice stat rolling, please.
Please send all questions that involve this world to my in box.
roll three dice take the highest two numbers add 6 seems like a good way.

Don't blame me for what my minions have done. Blame yourself for being the target.

ÂmesangRe: Pathfinder: Locair (3rd Level)  March 14, 2011 9:37 PM | Post #7
has lost the game

Pathfinder Open Game Content/System Reference Document


ReverendRe: Pathfinder: Locair (3rd Level)  March 17, 2011 4:10 PM | Post #8
Goblin King

You are entering the city of Debolas. As you enter the city gate you notice flyers for for a fighting tournament. with the 1st place prize be 200 silver and a ancient artifact. Approximately 5' feet away from you there is an old lady asking people if they have seen her pet cat.

I just felt like putting this up. I know not everyone's character is done.

Don't blame me for what my minions have done. Blame yourself for being the target.

ÂmesangJourney Of Her Fate  March 19, 2011 6:25 AM | Post #9
has lost the game

he smoke from the woman's cigarette left a thin trail behind her as she entered the City of Debolas, much like she had done so many times before. It clung tightly between her lips, her grim expression unrelenting in its hold as she took in another slow drag. Perhaps in another life her face might have been considered lovely, even if it were offset by the dark mole beneath her left eye; despite her youthful countenance, however, she bore the look of one whom had experienced more than her fair share of trials and tribulations. Indeed, her entire form was a sight to behold as she appeared dressed as if she were some great warrior, outfitted in a breastplate of fine craftsmanship, albeit dull and battered with nicks and scrapes, while a pack worn of use and age slung heavily upon her back, weighed down all the more so by the tent that had kept her safe on many a night in the wild and the quiver of arrows she fired from afar with her bow. Around her neck rested a thick, tattered scarf of deep red which she used to cover her mouth and nose from the harsh winds and dusty roads, while the bandages on her arms and hands allowed her a tighter grip upon the daggers that rested behind her hips and the coldiron greatsword that matched her in stature.

Yet despite all of this, even with the mud of her trek staining her boots, this lone, human female appeared less a warrior and more of an out of place commoner; a peasant girl whom had never been taught to know her place, instead dreaming of forging a new one for her own. Thus one might ask: who could ever take such a sight seriously? Even her hair was a curiosity, cut short and slicked back along the shape of her head, golden beneath the dirt that covered it, her bangs being long, thick strands that protruded in twain from the base of her hairline like the antennae of some wretched vermin. Nay, she should have been a doll, hold up in some grand dancing hall to be admired for what was once a fair figure and delicate appearance, now lost beneath a body forged in combat and hardened by survival, housing a fiery temperament and an unyielding spirit. These facts were not lost upon her silent form, for even if she resented her lot in life from time to time she held no regrets in the end, and would live only for herself and the approval of no one else. Staring out with crimson eyes she espied the numerous denizens whom made this place their home, going about their day to day business with nigh a care in the world as they freely ignored her; just another vagabond.

She, however, was not a resident of this land; instead, she had preferred to make her abode in the depths of the nearby wood which stretched far and wide between this realm and the next. There was solitude there, and freedom from the distractions and chaos that seemed to follow in the footsteps of commerce and politics. Perhaps her self-imposed exile was simply a means to escape confrontation, to distance herself from the toils and troubles of a people whom were ever growing mightier in knowledge, art, and war. If true, such would have been the coward's way out. Yet whatever her reasons, she did not shy away from the modern world entirely, nor would she forsake all that her brethren have accomplished over the last thousand years; much that she possessed had been forged by a more skilled hand and purchased with the money she earned selling fresh meat and hides from the beasts of the wild that she would often slay during her travels, enhancing her abilities as a warrior and ensuring her own survival in nature's pastures. Her life might have ended long ago if not for aid from a healer's kit or the warmth of a well sown blanket.

Twas not the hunt that brought her to Debolas this day, but mere curiosity. The skills that she had developed over a lifetime in the wild could potentially allow her to sustain herself indefinitely within the woods, but having no friends even among the beasts and birds was a greater pain than what any claw or tooth could ever inflict upon her flesh; and, yet, she always found it hard to trust anyone's words or deeds, to even offer a passing greeting to a fellow stranger. No, she would hold her tongue and stay her gaze, keeping to herself all the while readying her sharpened senses in preparation for any dread tidings that might befall her; she had not lived this long by falling prey to wolves in sheeps' clothing, nor would she allow her life to come to its end before the might of the world's monsters without showing them the strength she kept hidden deep within. If nothing else, it was what had kept her going all of these long years, what forced her to take the next step on the journey of her fate. As long as she could move just a single finger, she would accept every challenge that came her way, growing ever stronger by her successes and learning well from her failures. A thirst for excitement and a desire to perfect the self was what had driven her to take upon herself the life of an adventurer, less she fade into obscurity like so many others; she would make a name for herself in this ravaged land.

As luck would have it, the opportunity to do just this had presented itself before her. Long had it been since she last stepped foot in this city, and since then its many walls and columns had become plastered with numerous fliers advertising a fighting tournament, asking for all those worthy to test their mettle against the very best. The promised prized piqued her interest the most; two-hundred silver would not even begin to cover the value of her prized blade, although it would be suitable for the purchase of necessary supplies. The tempting words of an 'ancient artifact' caused her normally stone cold heart to flare up, however; the restlessness of her sword-arm nearly sending her into shivers. No, it would not be the prize that she would fight for, but the battles that lay ahead, the chance to prove to herself that she was more than just another vagabond. Her focus was shattered upon the voice of an elderly woman, moving to and fro amongst the crowd as she called out to any who might have seen her pet, a cat whom had grown to become a cherished friend amidst her twilight years. Only the state of the warrior's heart proved to be a sadder thing, for it had once again grown as cold as ice, locked away from the sad stories and painful memories of those around her.

A flicker of warmth yet still remained; none of the fliers appeared to have mentioned when or where this tournament would take place, a knowledge that was more than likely common to all those whom dwelt here, but unfortunately unknown to herself. Furthermore, she was well versed in hunting a grand variety of beasts in the woods, mountains, and open fields; perhaps if she aided this poor woman in the recovery of her companion she might find the information she sought. Breathing out the smoke that lay deep within her lungs she made her presence known, stepping soundly towards the poor soul in need…

GAME: The ranger approaches the old woman, outwardly showing little concern but nonetheless offering to help.

I know the above is a bit of a read, as I tend to go overboard with introductory posts (regrettably, I lack the auditory capacity and the confidence to recount such a back story in a real life session). Even as I wrote out all of that bullshit, I couldn't help but be reminded of an old web comic called Elf Only Inn.

As for why I'm playing as a woman, well, I've got the video, the artwork, and the personality all set since I've been drawing this character for years (although the character she's based on is not a ranger). In other words, it was mainly due to pure laziness, as I wouldn't have to be bothered with coming up with a brand new character from scratch. The picture itself was drawn long before this, a direct result of the video above, hence the lack of a breastplate or any other equipment.

By the way, don't forget to give us a group password for Locair; perhaps we could label each of our rolls like “Player Name – Type of Roll” (example: “Âmesang – Greatsword Damage”)?

(As it turns out, cigarettes have been around for centuries, and cigars for even longer; perhaps those bandages are really for covering up her burns after igniting them with flint and steel?)


ReverendRe: Locair (Pathfinder Level 3)  March 20, 2011 5:10 PM | Post #10
Goblin King

The old lady slowly turns towards Den Bloodsoul. "Bless your kind heart. My cat is grey with black around its little feet, and has a scar that was created a cruel swordswoman that goes across its left eye." She spoke with a shaky voice. With a closer look you notice that she was fatigued and been in the sun for far to long. She probably will suffer from heat stroke if she continues like she has been.

Don't blame me for what my minions have done. Blame yourself for being the target.

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