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ÂmesangA Key To The Mystery
  September 7, 2011 2:43 AM | Post #91
has lost the game

nce more quiet serenity descended upon the atmosphere surrounding the young ranger, the halls seemingly emptied of the noise produced by such foul figures like the ones whom passed her by earlier. This did nothing to ease her nerves, of course; the more the silences around her grew, the louder her heartbeat became… and the more her senses appeared to heighten. Why did she let those two guards go, after all? Would it not have been more thrilling to fight them here and now, to draw her sword upon all whom stood in her way? Yes, it would have been more thrilling, more likely to sate her thirst for battle. It would also be the easiest way for her to lose her head, as she had tried to convince herself so many times earlier. Besides, she was no mad dog killer; she hunted only when her very survival depended on it, and nothing more. Ah, but she was growing impatient, this she could not deny or suppress. Her prey was still out there, a foe seemingly possessed of skill and ability far surpassing her own, and she couldn't help but savor the moment that the two would clash swords… if her foe were truly evil, that is.

A clear head most often won the day, and the ranger meditated upon these words with each soft step she took away from the stairwell. Were she to succeed in finding the thief, she knew that busting in with sword drawn was also a surefire way of getting herself killed; and yet, were she to succeed, how should she present herself? Perhaps her prey, as skilled as the ranger believed her to be, would slay her the moment she appeared. Could she get the drop on her? Sneak up upon her as she had done with so many beasts in the wild? If nothing else, the fact that she knew the captain and the vampire shared the same name meant she was guaranteed a dramatic entrance if she spent her last moments revealing this fact to her. Of course the wise man would play the fool, pretending she knew nothing about the captain being the thief; because, as she tried to remind herself again and again, she had no concrete proof that this was the case. As far as she was aware, they were separate women. No, no; the reactions of the gate guards and the fact that she saw someone scale the castle and climb into it could mean nothing else. Yes, if she played the fool and convinced the captain that she was tracking the thief, without letting on her suspicions, then she might be able to get closer to her prey and learn the truth.

If she didn't get herself killed, of course.

Fortunately her insipid thoughts were broken by the scuffle of a little mouse she had nearly stepped upon, sending her heart shooting upward into her throat. Watching with deft eyes as it scurried away the ranger breathed a sigh of relief before growing rather despondent. Although it was saved from being crushed underfoot, the act reminded her of why she did not kill needlessly, for the guilt would eat her away inside more so than her inherent blood-lust. Looking far back towards the stairwell she was glad she possessed the strength of will not to slay the braggarts where they stood, and hardened her heart as she thought to herself that her actions, although illegal, were in the end noble, and could save the lives of countless innocents. Yes, she could be a hero to those whom doubted and ignored her, the thought of which left a sour taste in her mouth; still, even some sour tastes could be palatable. As she returned her attention to the hallway before her, her thoughts were broken once more; there, upon the ground where the little mouse had once been, rested a simple, copper key. Had this been some little treasure that the rodent had found, or had this been hastily dropped by whomever came this way earlier?

Examining it closely, she could clearly make out the initials, “C. V. Q.” Captain Veranda Qual, she bemused? Now what sort of captain would require her security measures to be so easily identifiable, let alone easy to lose? For a moment, her throat felt suffocated as she nearly found herself agreeing with the two, passing guards; perhaps their captain was not as competent as she had believed? Thinking back, she recalled how an arrow she had fired at the thief was deflected by a force unknown to her, and how she still possessed the two vials that had been dropped upon the ground, one of which had been marked, “invisibility.” If her prey relied more upon magic instead of her own skills, than maybe she was not the challenge she was hoping for her to be. Gripping the key hard in her free hand, the ranger kept the peculiar blade she was carrying pressed against her back, ready to be wielded at a moment's notice were her life to be in danger. If anything, her end might just come sooner than she had been expecting, as she felt her impatience beginning to grow nearly out of her control. This key could be just what she needed to find her foe, and she was itching to end this once and for all.

All she had to do was find the lock that the key fit into, and it could all be over…

GAME: After grabbing the key, Den makes a Perception check to search the hall(s) around her for any type of door or similar construct that would require a key to unlock, and (whether successful or not), continues traversing the hall with Stealth (towards her target if she sees one, in which case she'll apply the key).

She likewise makes a Perception check to observe anything that might be out of the ordinary.

Perception I: 1d20(3) + 8 = 11
Stealth: 1d20(7) + 6 = 13
Perception II: 1d20(13) + 8 = 21


KidakRe: Pathfinder: Locair (3rd Level)
  September 11, 2011 1:09 AM | Post #92

Reptar takes all four books over to the nearest table that looks like its usable by someone of his height. once he finds one he sits down leaning his sword and shield against the table making sure its within reach in case he needs it. Reptar then starts looking through the books starting with the first book and working on through them all.

Perception 11+3=14

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