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ReverendRe: Fool Me Once…
  June 30, 2011 3:42 PM | Post #51
Goblin King

The guard replies to Reptar, "I'll be fine someone will be shortly with a stretcher and shall take me to the church for healing. It's a shame though, that no one was able to catch that thief. She got a way with an artifact that was going to the prize for the fighting tournament."

Den looks around around for the thief, but instead finds a a half shaved dead cat in an alley with her dagger still in it.

out of game

At the very least, she would contemplate giving up on hunting the beasts of the wild for a time and learn to hunt the beasts amongst her own kind. — Cannibal

Don't blame me for what my minions have done. Blame yourself for being the target.

ÂmesangReunited At A Great Price
  July 2, 2011 4:01 AM | Post #52
has lost the game

was a foolish attempt, but an attempt nonetheless. How she wished she had possessed the senses of the rangers of legend, able to see the flick of an eagle's eye as it soared acres above or hear the waft of a fish's tale downstream in the babbling brook. No, this woman was still mortal, still human, and all of her focus and meditation would permit her to hear nothing more than the shuffling of feet and the murmuring of voices all around her; she was stubborn, however, and had never been one to give up so easily. The moment she focused her thoughts upon her target she would track the prey no matter the time or the distance until she could at last claim victory, even when it often came at the cost of great weariness and physical injury. The thief may have hidden herself from the ranger's senses for the moment, but not from her memory; not from her heart. Even now she continued to tread carefully towards the castle, her eyes and ears looking for anything that did not feel right, any instant that sent a shiver down her spine; although she figured her slow pace allowed the thief to fully escape, she also felt that, once she made it to the castle, she stood a chance of cornering the varlet like a tiny mouse cowering in its hole.

She soon realized, however, that she wasn't the only feline in the vicinity. From a dark alleyway nearby came a small, glint of light emanating from an all too familiar object. It was her dagger, embedded deep within the corpse of the innocent animal she had struck earlier. First Shensai's dear companion, and now this one. As much as she had desired to find her blade intact, this was not the means she had hoped for. For a brief moment the ranger sought to blame that look-alike whom had bumped into her at the wrong moment, but wisdom soon told her that, had she not made the impatient attack in the first place then this unfortunate event might never have had occurred. Approaching the poor beast, she nearly looked away in horror; the feline had been half shaved, and she could only ponder how such a thing had come to pass. She assured herself that her attack, as forceful as it was, could not have caused such an atrocity. Had another come along in the intervening time to perform such a deed with her blade? Might it have been the gruesome warrior whom had scarred Shensai's feline? No, she had to purge such morbid thoughts from her head less she forget her purpose. If she were lucky, it would have been a stray loved by no one, a selfish thought that would only serve to partially lessen the pain in her heart. If it were to belong to a despondent owner however, she would try to pay the weregild as best she could. Even though she believed she had not caused this foul scarring to the poor beast, in the end it had been her blade that ended its life.

Steadying her nerves, the ranger reminded herself that the thief was still on the loose and that she could not afford to lament her past deeds. Looking around out of the corner of her eyes she attempted to pocket her dagger, before walking slowly and surely back towards the castle, despite how much her nervousness at this apparently suspicious maneuver may have appeared. If she were to make it to her destination safely, she would hope that the guards had heard of the incident and would be willing to aid her in her search; she yet feared that it wouldn't be so easy…

GAME: Stubbornly, Den attempts yet another Perception check to try and find the thief. After discovering her dagger, she can apparently attempt an untrained Sleight Of Hand check as a Dexterity check in order to hide the dagger on her body (with a +2 bonus). She is also Bluffing her movements and posture as she makes her full way towards the castle.

Perception: 1d20(2) + 8 = 10
Sleight Of Hand: 1d20(12) + 0 + 2 = 14
Bluff: 1d20(16) – 2 = 14


KidakRe: Pathfinder: Locair (3rd Level)
  July 6, 2011 7:37 PM | Post #53

Reptar frowns when he hears what the person he tried to stop did. "If I may inquire of thee. Does thy know why someone would want to steal the artifact, or what it does perhaps?"

ReverendRe: Pathfinder: Locair (3rd Level)
  July 7, 2011 5:48 AM | Post #54
Goblin King

Den secretively attempted to hide her dagger. No one seemed to notice her hiding the dagger or rather no one seemed to care. They just continued on with their live not knowing that anything was a miss. Again you are unable to locate the thief, but it wont be long until you get to the castle.

The guard replies to Reptar:"There is a legend that this artifact was worn by by the former hero Sailove Qual after he was turn into a vampire about 300 years ago. It is said that this artifact granted him power over the weather. It seems that over time its power has weakened though. Now it seems only to give a weak shock to who ever uses it. It is also said that it is a tool to awaken Sailove from his slumber, but he was killed a long time ago by the Midel family so its doubtful that it would bring back that vampire."

The stretcher arrives and they start to put the guard on it.

Don't blame me for what my minions have done. Blame yourself for being the target.

ÂmesangSpirit On Fire
  July 8, 2011 3:01 AM | Post #55
has lost the game

he ranger breathed a sigh of relief; where once she would lament and curse her withdrawn demeanor, never being able to stand out in the crowd, for once it proved to be a boon to her. The crowd of people moving to and fro freely ignored her, allowing the woman a moment to reclaim what she had lost, caring nothing for neither her nor for the dead feline by her feet. The uneasiness of the moment further left her behind when she was able to rejoin the throng, slipping beyond the senses of each passerby as she focused on the path ahead. Although she would be unable to forget the pointless death that her foul hand had caused, the spot of luck at least served to steady her nerves and let her collect her thoughts. Using her pants to wipe the creature's blood off of her blade, she took a moment to gaze at it through the light of the Sun overhead, wondering, perhaps, if it might meet its mark when next it saw battle? Sheathing it back into its holster, she let out a stream of smoke from her lungs as she shook her head in solemn silence, contemplating all of the day's recent events.

As she had guessed, the thief's tracks were still beyond her ken to locate. Her prey was clever and skilled, certainly far more than herself. Just how old was this thief? How long had she been living such a life? Had she been specially trained, or did this all come from raw, natural talent? Either way, it was more than what the ranger possessed, self-taught as she had mainly been. No, against such an adversary she felt she would need far more experience than she presently held, but it was too late to turn back and better prepare herself; she had already taken the first step upon this path long ago, and if she proved to be a poor challenge for her foe's abilities, then she would meet her end with dignity. Was it not the challenge that had kept her going, though? Was this thief truly powerful, or was she merely just lucky as rogues commonly are? Each step upon the path was drawing her closer to the castle, and if her heart did not betray her, closer to her target. To draw blades, to test one's mettle, to finally know the unknown… this is what the ranger craved. Who was this woman that drove her on, who heightened her senses, who set her spirit aflame? Stepping forward at a brisker pace, she looked on ahead past the populace with a light in her eyes.

She had to know…

GAME: Den cleans off her dagger as best she can (given the circumstances) before putting it away, than makes towards the castle with greater haste.


KidakRe: Pathfinder: Locair (3rd Level)
  July 11, 2011 8:24 PM | Post #56

Reptar frowns when he hears that the artifact may be used to bring a great evil back into this world. Reptar's face turns resolute when he says "what may I do to help in the recovery the this artifact and the apprehension of this fowl thief?"

ReverendRe: Pathfinder: Locair (3rd Level)
  July 14, 2011 6:11 AM | Post #57
Goblin King

Den closes in on the barred gate door to the courtyard of the castle. The crude stone wall around the gate is roughly 16 feet high and forms an arch over the door. On either side of the door stands two guards. The one to the left is an elf wearing banded armor and armed with a great ax. The guard to the right is a dwarf who wears chain mail and is equiped with a rapier and a shortsword. Please make a spot check when you reach the gate.

"There is nothing when can do about the thief until we: catch her, find out who she is, find out her hide out, or at least confirm her motives."The guard responds. "If the thief truly is trying to raise Sailove then she will need the other artifacts. regrettably I do not know what the other artifacts are, do, or even their location. It might be best to research the artifacts at the royal church located within the castle's court yard. However the courtyard isn't open for common folk until tomarrow." As the guard finishes his speaking he is picked up and carried away.

Don't blame me for what my minions have done. Blame yourself for being the target.

KidakRe: Pathfinder: Locair (3rd Level)
  July 15, 2011 2:44 AM | Post #58

Reptar thanks the guard as he leaves and then heads off to the castle to see if they are indeed not letting common folk in and if that is the case then he will find a church that will let him stay the night for a few chores and some money if needed.

ÂmesangLooming Before Her
  July 15, 2011 4:34 PM | Post #59
has lost the game

here it was, the Castle of Debolas. The portcullis towered above the ranger, its sturdy iron bars having withstood the attacks of the castles' enemies for many a long year. Although she felt far more comfortable in the free, open spaces of the wilderness, even she had to stop and admire the crudely constructed stone wall that encircled the gate and stretched out on either side for a considerable length. She mused that the wall had to be at least a foot thick, if not more so, and would take no less than a giant's strength to break through its solid foundations assuming that the portcullis held as fiercely as it was designed to do. If the thief had indeed made her way inside, than surely she would be able to hold off any outside force that would attempt to assault her, less it was made by ones whom were just as skilled at slipping through the defenses as the thief herself was. Eying the various parapets along the upper edge of the wall, the ranger began to contemplate how she, too, might be able to scale it were the primary way inside barred from her. With each passing second, however, her heart began to sank; if the thief were inside, she mused, than either she was deftly hiding from the authorities, or she was one with the authorities, perhaps playing up an innocent and charming role to hide her dark deeds. She hoped that would not be the case, but would prepare herself for the worse were it to come to that. For the moment the ranger would play her part honestly, speaking solemnly to those whom guarded the entrance to the courtyard just as she had done to the guards of the coliseum.

Two there were, and both quite unlike what she had expected. An elf stood to her left; theirs was a race known for their grace and agility, often preferring the bow to strike hidden from a distance, or small, bladed arms for feinting in combat and attacking a foe where it least suspected. Vast strength was far from their forté, and yet this one appeared to have it in abundance, if such could be indicated by the great axe wielded in its hands. Likewise, the banded maille it wore was surely as hardy as its own body, sacrificing some of the elf's inherent speed and mobility for greater protection against its foes. Just as surprisingly was the elf's partner, a dwarf donned in chain maille armor that stood upon the right. Where as one might expect it to be armed with the other's axe, it instead wielded a rapier and a shortsword, a hallmark of a duel-wielding fighter that required the dexterity the stout folk were not commonly known for. The ranger began to ponder that either these two were not shown the proper ways of warfare, or that each possessed skills and abilities far beyond the norm for their kind. Taking no chances, she knew that she would have to be wary of these two; even her sword arm would find it difficult to break through the elf's armor were conflict to erupt, and her focus upon one or the other would allow for either the elf to cleave her in two or for the dwarf to discover her most vulnerable points and exploit them. The woman would not let that come to pass, however, keeping her hands firmly to her sides and intent on using them only to free the scroll from its confines.

After what felt like countless millennia of watching, the ranger finally stepped towards the portcullis of the Castle of Debolas, yet just as she was about to speak she could have sworn that she had caught the sight of something out of the corner of her eye…

GAME: Den approaches the castle and its two guards, making a Spot/Perception check.

Perception: 1d20(18) + 8 = 26*

28 if the Perception check involves animals


ReverendRe: Pathfinder: Locair (3rd Level)
  July 19, 2011 6:13 AM | Post #60
Goblin King

Den notices someone that looks like the thief climbing in to a second story window of the castle then disappearing from sight.

"Salutations, young lady." The elf said to Den as she approached the gate in flamboyant manner.

"Is their anything we may help you with my fair lady?" The dwarf asked in a deep flirtatious voice.

Reptar starts towards the castle. (Are you flying, walking or running?)

Don't blame me for what my minions have done. Blame yourself for being the target.

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