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Schadenfreude Studios > Tabletop > Pathfinder: Locair (3rd Level)

KidakRe: Pathfinder: Locair (3rd Level)
  July 19, 2011 8:22 PM | Post #61

(flying 60ft speed) Reptar watches the crowds below him for any obvious signs of trouble that he could help with.

(Perception check) 4+5=9

ÂmesangSo Close, And Yet…
  July 20, 2011 10:53 PM | Post #62
has lost the game

nce more the ranger's instincts had proven correct; she had indeed espied something out of the corner of her eye, a lone figure resembling the thief climbing into a second story window of the castle before disappearing from her crimson eyes. She lightly snorted to herself, rather amused if not altogether thankful that the thief's invisibility potion appeared to have worn off. If she stood a chance of making it into the castle before her, this fact would certainly make it far easier to track down and corner her prey, the thought of which reignited her fiery spirit. None of her wishes nor desires would ever come to pass, however, if she could not convince the two that guarded the portcullis of the doom that lay beneath their very noses. Returning her gaze to them the ranger pulled the cigarette from her mouth and let out a steady stream of hot smoke before she sucked in a deep volume of air, summoning up every last ounce of courage and charisma that lay at the core of her being. Although possessing vast physical might and endurance that was clearly visible, the woman was still quite aware of her own appearance and knew it would take a considerable show of personality to convince these two of her words, less they pass her off as some mere child with too much imagination. Piercing their eyes with a glare she tried to act as intimidating as one with her experience could.

“Bonsoir,” she spoke solemnly, welcoming the elf's friendly demeanor while at the same time ignoring the tone of voice that the dwarf freely gave out, which had sent an unnerving chill down her spine. “Earlier today,” she continued, “a theft was made at yonder coliseum. An artifact, I am told; le very same that was to be the prize for this day's tournament. I know not of its power, but I fear its use.” Crouching down, the ranger returned the cigarette to her mouth and removed her backpack, setting it upon the ground. Rummaging through the pack she removed the worn out scroll with its faded text. “This I found deep within le forest's shrine. Although much of le text is illegible, it appears to tell of the very theft that 'as occurred. Furthermore…” After holding the scroll out to the guards she stood as tall as she could, pointing directly at the window she had seen the peculiar figure escape into. “I 'ave been tracking le thief since the coliseum, and I believe that she 'as scaled the castle walls and escaped through that window. The thief is a woman, wearing studded leather armor and a mask, 'er long, fair brown 'air dressed in many beads.” Realizing that she had spent too much time talking, the woman once more cursed her careful and meticulous nature, hoping that the thief had not used these last, precious seconds to further her escape.

“Please,” she pleaded with sorrowful determination glowing within her eyes. “I do believe that le thief is within thy castle, and I seek thy aid in bringing 'er to justice… less she uses l'artifact against us.” Her only hope now lay in the two gentlemen that stood before her…

GAME: After spotting what looks like the thief, Den reveals the scroll and pleads her case before the guards via a Charisma check (either Bluff, Diplomacy, or Intimidate, whichever best applies since the modifiers are all the same for her).

Charisma: 1d20(17) – 2 = 15

Also: Flamboyant!? Dramatic, maybe, but…?


ReverendRe: Pathfinder: Locair (3rd Level)
  July 25, 2011 4:53 PM | Post #63
Goblin King

Reptar fly's over the buildings towards the castle looking for trouble. The only suspicious thing you see is a of cloaked people walking into tavern. Other then that you see nothing out of the ordinary.

Den makes an attempt at diplomacy with the guards (Why would you try to intimidate castle guards in order to gain entrance to the catsle? Bluff doesn't work since you are telling what you believe the truth to be).

The dwarf takes the scroll to examine it."These do seem to have been plan for a theft at one point, but much of it is now illegible. Even if we where to try to use this as evidence I'm sure it will not hold much weight. I will show this to the captain during my next break. As of right now I don't have the authority to let a commoner like yourself to enter these gates. Plus I'm sure the captain will insist on doing an internal inspection herself."

"If you must enter these walls come back tomorrow and you'll be allowed as far as the royal library. If you go any further then the library I'll I can say is don't get caught."The elf added on.Is there anything else we may be able to help you with?

Both guards seem to have become more serious on hearing the news.

Don't blame me for what my minions have done. Blame yourself for being the target.

ÂmesangA Slight Change Of Plans
  July 26, 2011 1:38 AM | Post #64
has lost the game

his is the reason why the ranger trusted in nothing save her own strength. As she explained the situation to the two guards before her she noticed that the tone and inflection within their voices had grown far more serious, and the naïveté that she had been displaying up until this moment quickly faded. To think that she almost believed their intentions to be anything other than false; the notion began to sicken her, and she soon looked upon the two with grim thoughts, but the worry that lay heavily upon her heart had kept the expression on her face soft. It seemed obvious that these two were more aware of the day's happenings then either would outwardly let on, even if they did fail terribly at hiding their true emotions. Just who else was in on this theft? The fact that one of the guards let slip that their captain was of the same sex as the thief could not be ignored by the ranger, and her fears of the thief being one of authority within the land was quickly coming to pass. She began to question why she had ever chosen to leave the wood; at least within the confines of the wilderness one could act honestly, whether it be for good or ill. The world of the civilized folk, however, was too overcome with trickery and deceit, all because of the laws imposed on them by others restricted their true nature. That sickening feeling was quickly growing and would have overtaken her were it not for her fortitude and will; after all, she still had prey to catch, and she couldn't let herself be waylaid until she had the thief hoisted into the air by her own hand.

“Merci beaucop,” the ranger spoke up, nodding towards them. “I 'ope with all of ma 'eart that thy captain est successful in any investigation that she might 'old. If it est of any use of 'er, I would ask that she speak with le guards and officials at le coliseum, for they will know more of le situation than I.” Kneeling down to gather up her belongings, she let out some smoke towards them, looking the two straight into their eyes. “If thou 'ast need of moi later, I might partake of Madame Midel's company at le Dragon Claw Tavern. Let us 'ope that thy break est not too far off?” She spoke those last words with the full intent of the dwarf hearing them, although she had yet to decide if she was going to go through with such an act or not. For the moment, her only desire was to continue the hunt, and standing up as tall as she may she turned away from the portcullis and walked with assurance alongside the castle walls, glancing out of the corner of her eye up at the window that she had seen the mysterious figure climb in through. If she were lucky, she might be able to use her own equipment to scale the walls and follow the timid, little rabbit down its hole less anyone suspect her of any misgivings. Were she to get caught, however, than she would have to steady her nerves and ready herself for a terrific fight against foes whom each possessed skills wholly unknown to herself. If anything, a fight might be just what she needed to relax… but for the moment, she would have to rely on more mundane means to ease her troubled spirit.

After walking some distance and ensuring that she was out of sight of the two guards, the ranger sat down slumped against the wall beneath a high parapet, taking a moment to crank her head back to look up at it before spitting her cigarette onto the ground and crushing it beneath her mud-stained boot. Removing a bottle of wine from an exposed holster on the side of her backpack she partook of its aroma and flavor, waiting a few moments in case one of the guards had the notion to tail her. Although each passing moment ensured that the thief would successfully flee, climbing the wall now would be too obvious, too dangerous. If she waited just a moment, she might be able to convince any passerby of her innocence and drive off any suspicion; then, she would put her plan into action.

GAME: Den parts ways with the two guards, seeking out some tucked-a-way corner of the castle wall that she might be able to Climb using the kit inside of her backpack. She will first wait some time until she feel she can do so with impunity before she finally makes the attempt.

Climb: 1d20(10) + 12 = 22


KidakRe: Pathfinder: Locair (3rd Level)
  July 28, 2011 4:22 AM | Post #65

Reptar keeps flying as a random person walking into a tavern while wearing a cloak is not uncommon in a city this size.

ReverendRe: Pathfinder: Locair (3rd Level)
  July 28, 2011 4:53 AM | Post #66
Goblin King

A little ways around the corner of the wall Den finds herself in a well maintained, but empty part of the city. You notice a tree growing next to the wall which would provide some cover for the first ten feet of the climb. Den will start climbing after kidak's next post. Feel free to post her thought or reactions though. I like the depth of your posts.

As Reptar closes in on the barred gate door to the courtyard of the castle. The crude stone wall around the gate is roughly 16 feet high and forms an arch over the door. On either side of the door stands two guards. The one to the left is an elf wearing banded armor and armed with a great ax. The guard to the right is a dwarf who wears chain mail and is equiped with a rapier and a shortsword.

As you land in front of the to guards the elf says "What a grand entrance young dragon. How may we help such a splendid creature as yourself."

"Whats so splendid about a gecko."The dwarf says to himself.

Don't blame me for what my minions have done. Blame yourself for being the target.

KidakRe: Pathfinder: Locair (3rd Level)
  July 28, 2011 9:45 PM | Post #67

Reptar gives a small grin to the dwarfs comment and says "why yes thy could be of help to me. "I am a Paladin of the holy order of Bahamut and I would like to pay a visit to the royal church to do a little research about the recently stolen artifact, and I was hoping I might be able to find some leads in the church's library"

GAME: Diplomacy to convince the guards. 19+9=28

ÂmesangBad Choices Made Easy
  July 28, 2011 9:55 PM | Post #68
has lost the game

he cursed her lot in life. Even here, amidst this quiet corner of the city the ranger could find no solace, not while her mind still lay a-swim with all of the day's occurrences. Taking a swig from her wine bottle to wash away the taste of the old tobacco, she looked around amusingly at the scenery about her; serene gardens, well-manicured trees, everlasting roads… and yet nary a person in sight. Even the wall she sat lazily against had a good-sized tree growing beside it; it was as if fortune were finally smiling down upon her bold spirit, granting her the cover and concealment she would need to climb the castle's outer perimeters without being caught by a suspicious eye. No, she couldn't believe that it would be this easy, not after all that had happened up until this point. After all, the only hard evidence that she held, the scroll, was now out of her possession and in the hands of those who might be in on the crime at the coliseum. The guards there, too, could easily be bought for the right price; such was the nature of any being, seeking above aught else its own survival. Being little more than a stranger to this land, a mere vagabond, she wholeheartedly believed that what she saw with her own two eyes could be easily disproved before any authority, and unless she were to capture the thief and the prize she would be walking straight into her own demise.

Looking down upon the dried blood that stained her hands and arms, the ranger began to ponder to herself; how did she get to this point? Taking another sip of wine she rested her head against the wall, closing her eyes in deep contemplation as she mulled over everything that had happened to her since she first walked into the city this day. It all started when she came into Debolas with nothing more than innocent curiosity driving her forward, to see just what the civilized folk had to offer her that differed from the vast, open spaces of the wilderness. The ranger remembered that the stolen artifact was to be the prize at the tournament she had seen advertised and had been eager to join, but had to ignore upon hearing the pleas of dear Shensai. She wondered how differently things might have turned out if she had instead ignored the old woman and entered into battle as she had wished. Could she have caught the thief before she made off with the artifact? Would she have been killed by the thief during the attempt, or died at the hands of another prior to reaching the end? Perhaps it had been best for her to have made the choice that she did, especially when one considers that, had she not, she might not have learned the history of her family's heritage. That shrine deep within the forest; she would have to return to it again and look over the other remnants within and find out what else she could learn of her own history and of the land's, if at all possible.

The shrine! The rows of torches upon the right side of the entrance had been smoldering, had they not? Obviously they were not the doings of Shensai's feline, and there was also the fact that the scroll that detailed the theft was found within the shrine's innermost chamber. If she could assume that only those of the four bloodlines were permitted inside, than could it not be true that the thief was a descendent of one of them? The ranger then recalled Shensai's words regarding the history of Debolas, about one of the four heroes, Sailove Qual, being a vampire, and how he was imprisoned inside a special coffin within the shrine. The ranger cursed herself again for not asking her elder more about the artifact, but she was beginning to guess a foul use for it; since the scroll was found within the ancient shrine that could only be opened by one of four special bloodlines, and since there was still that one, unopened coffin which she assumed belonged to Sailove, then certainly the artifact had to play a role in all of this history. She hoped that this was all just mere coincidence, however, but these dread tidings quickly began to gnaw away at her heart. Just how powerful had Qual been, and if that abomination of nature were to be released, just what could he do to this city of common folk? Until this point the ranger had fought nothing but the men and beasts of the living, natural world, and was confident that, in time, she could conquer any such challenge brought before her; yet even this sent a cold shiver down her spine, for she feared that if she were to fail against such a foe, she might lose more than just her life.

Pressing her knees up against her heavy chest, the ranger let out a deep sigh before swallowing a double dose of wine. Thinking back more, she thought about that other woman at the coliseum that looked so similar to herself. She had gone after the thief as well, being less armored and less encumbered had allowed her to move faster and nearly tackle their shared foe, but at the same time the maneuver had caused her own arm to falter when the ranger attempted an attack. For only a moment she wondered what might have occurred if she had indeed stopped and berated that foolish girl as she had originally intended, instead of continuing her chase. Then again, why did that girl stop as she did? Within moments the ranger put aside such unneeded notions, knowing that, once more, it would appear that she had made the wise choice of pursuing the thief; had she not, then certainly her prey would have long since disappeared and, with her, the artifact. Unfortunately for herself, and for the whole city of Debolas, it was quite possible that the thief had successfully eluded her pursuer and vanished without a trace; but the ranger was as stubborn as she had ever been, and corking her wine bottle and settling it back within her backpack she stood up to get a better look at the scenery around her. The two guards at the portcullis had been given ample time to chase after her, she figured, and since they appeared to have ignored such a foolhardy, young woman, the ranger felt that the time to act was upon her; and if this proved to be her end, than she hoped it would be such an end to be remembered by those whom lacked the courage to follow their true natures. As she removed a climber's kit from her pack and readied it against a high parapet, an amusing thought entered into her head: did the thief bother with the other half of the prize, the two hundred silver pieces? Although her face appeared to possess an eternal frown, deep within her heart of hearts she began to laugh wildly…

GAME: After thinking back to the day's events, Den finally prepares herself to scale the castle wall.


ReverendRe: Pathfinder: Locair (3rd Level)
  July 29, 2011 4:46 PM | Post #69
Goblin King

Den climbs 5 feet with ease.

"Well you see we aren't really suppose to let any non-royalty or castle guard past these gates today…" Grumbled the dwarf.

"But seeing how you're a Paladin I suppose we wouldn't get in any real trouble. After all I doubt your the type to steal or assault the royal family." Questionably commented the elf.

"…Ok, gecko we will let you in, but try not to be caught and don't tell anyone we let you in. Got that?"The dwarf Opened the gate just enough to let you in."Remember if you get into any trouble it was the elf that let you in, not I."

Reptar now has the option to enter the courtyard.

Don't blame me for what my minions have done. Blame yourself for being the target.

KidakRe: Pathfinder: Locair (3rd Level)
  July 29, 2011 7:56 PM | Post #70

Reptar replied "Thank you kind sirs. Could you give me directions to the church? I have not been there before and it would minimize chances of being caught if I knew were I was going." he prepared to follow the guards directions and get to the library as fast as possible without looking like he doesn't belong.

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