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ÂmesangD&D 3e: Quintessa
  December 21, 2012 5:00 AM | Post #1
has lost the game

Female Suel [1] Human Sorcerer 5/Guildmage of Greyhawk 9/Archmage 1
Chaotic Evil Medium Humanoid (human); Height 5 ft. 5 in.
Initiative +2; Senses arcane sight, darkvision 60 ft., see invisibility; Listen −1, Spot −1

Armor Class 22, touch 12, flat-footed 20 (+2 Dexterity, +6 greater mage armor [2], +4 shield)
Hit Points 54 (15d4+15)
Fortitude +11, Reflex +12, Will +17
Damage Reduction 15/magic (protection from arrows)

Speed 30 ft. (6 squares), fly 40 ft. (average)
Melee +1 oerthblooded dagger [3] +6/+1 (1d4/19-20)
Ranged +1 oerthblooded dagger [3] +10 (1d4/19-20)
Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Special Attacks spells, Spellpool
Sorcerer Spells Known (Caster Level 15th; +8 ranged touch)
7th (4/day)greater teleport, limited wish (DC 25); silent stilled telekinesis (DC 24)*
6th (7/day)chain lightning (DC 24), disintegrate (DC 25), greater dispel magic; quickened invisibility*, quickened levitate*, silent stilled polymorph*
5th (7/day)mirage arcana (DC 23), overland flight, Quintessa's dweomerdrain [4] (DC 24), telekinesis (DC 24); quickened shield (2)*
4th (8/day)greater invisibility, polymorph, Quintessa's dweomershield [4], Rary's spell enhancer [5]; silent stilled invisibility*, silent stilled levitate*
3rd (8/day)greater mage armor [2], protection from energy, Quintessa's dweomercraft [4] (DC 22), water breathing; silent stilled scholar's touch [6]*, silent stilled unseen servant*
2nd (8/day)Darsson's quick potion [7], invisibility, levitate, master's touch [8], misdirection (DC 20); silent stilled mage hand*, silent stilled prestidigitation*
1st (8/day)endure elements, feather fall, glamour costume [9] (DC 19), scholar's touch [6], shield, unseen servant
0 (6/day)amanuensis [10], arcane mark, light, mage hand, mending, mirror [11] (DC 18), prestidigitation, read magic, runefinger [12]
* prepared spell

Before Combat Before breakfast Quintessa casts endure elements, glamour costume [9], greater mage armor [2], misdirection, overland flight, and water breathing, as well as protecting herself from the effects of a loadstone via Quintessa's dweomershield [4]. She casts greater invisibility and a prepared quickened shield before the start of an encounter, and her permanent spells have been bolstered with Rary's spell enhancer [5].
During Combat In combat, Quintessa serves a utilitarian use, bolstering her allies with the likes of greater invisibility, greater mage armor [2], and protection from energy, whilst debilitating foes with chain lightning, mirage arcana, and telekinesis. Quintessa's dweomerdrain [4] and greater dispel magic offers her allies counters to opposing magic.
Base Statistics
Without greater mage armor [2], and shield Quintessa's statistics are Armor Class 12, touch 12, and flat-footed 10
If taking a non-human form, Quintessa loses her Pureblooded Suel [13] feat and her skill ranks in Use Magic Device (including her bonus to Spellcraft checks when deciphering scrolls).

Strength 7, Dexterity 15, Constitution 13, Intelligence 18, Wisdom 9, Charisma 27
Base Attack +6; Grapple +4 (+23 with telekinesis)
Traits Abrasive, Nobility [14]
Flaws Loner [15], Restricted Sorcery (enchantment, necromancy) [15]
Feats Arcane Mastery [16], Arcane Preparation [16], Cooperative Spell [17], Flexible Mind (Bluff, Use Magic Device) [18], Pureblooded Suel [13], Quicken Spell, Silent Spell, Skill Focus (Spellcraft), Spell Focus (abjuration, transmutation), Still Spell
Skills Bluff +29, Concentration +19, Craft (calligraphy) +7, Diplomacy +15, Disguise +7 (+9 acting), Forgery +9, Gather Information +11 (+13 Suloise information), Intimidate +16, Knowledge (arcana) +22, Knowledge (history, religion) +5, Knowledge (nobility and royalty, Suloise local) +9, Knowledge (the planes) +15, Perform (any) +11, Profession (gambler) +0 (+2 dragonchess), Spellcraft +27 (+29 deciphering scrolls), Survival −1 (+1 on other planes), Use Magic Device +30 (+32 scrolls)
Languages Abyssal, Aerdi (Common) [19], Amedi [19], Ancient Suloise [19], Fruz (Cold Tongue) [19], Olven (Elven); comprehend languages, read magic, tongues
Special Qualities clone, contingency, enhanced Intelligence, enhanced Knowledge, high arcana, memberships, permanent spells, voice of the Soul Gem

Signature Possessions exquisite starlight cloth dress [20] with a fine belt [21] and onyx-studded dancing slippers [22], golden unholy symbol of Wee Jas, arcane signet ring set with a bloodstone (Spellpool focus) [23], pair of mithral earrings each set with a rich blue diamond [24], hardened +1 oerthblooded dagger [3] (Hardness 30, Hit Points 12) sheathed in a silver-plated scabbard with jet cabochons [22], necklace of Charisma +6 (as cloak of Charisma +6), circlet of persuasion, obsidian knowstone ring [25] of glamour costume [9], black platinum ring of counterspells (contains greater dispel magic), ring of sustenance, ivory scroll tube [26] (contains 5 arcane scrolls of magic circle against evil, 2 arcane scrolls of Quintessa's dweomercraft [4], and 1 arcane scroll of Quintessa's dweomershield [4]), spell component pouch (also contains 5 vials of powdered silver and a bejeweled statuette of herself carved from elephant ivory), belt pouch, money belt [27] containing 50 platinum pieces
Belt Pouch cubic gate (tuned to the material planes of Aerth [28], Earth [29], Oerth [30], Uerth [31], and Yarth [32]; sixth-side shattered and inoperable), portable hole, identification papers with portrait [23], small perfume bottle of black crystal [22] filled with a rare tincture distilled from dryad's blood [33], set of polyhedral granite dice [22]
Portable Hole Jasadin unholy text ("The Abominable Devastation") [34], Keoish historical text ("The Chronicle of Secret Times") [35], Hepmonaland historical text ("The Torhoon Account") [36], Oeridian literary text ("The Poems of Thalac Jiwo") [37], Ontovar's soul sphere [38], quill of scribing [39], wondrous writing set [40], set of gold-rimmed stationary [41], dragonchess set [42], exquisite darkweave dress [23], exquisite glamerweave dress tailored by Hellien Clamas Clebdecher of Sharn [43], winter wolf fur cloak [44] clasped by a fine silver brooch set with a rich purple amethyst [45], entertainer's outfit, purple velvet guildmage robe [21], white silk evening robe [21], 7 pairs of high boots [21], 9 pairs of low boots [21], 5 pairs of riding boots [21], 3 pairs of dancing slippers (studded with carnelian, moonstone, and zircon, respectively) [22], pair of sandals [21], velvet pouch containing 1,000 platinum ingots [46], ornate wooden box [22] with a superior (combination) lock containing the deep blue [38] Octych of Maure Castle; the box is further warded by the spells arcane lock and sequester, toughened by a hardening spell, and appears to house a loadstone via Nystul's magic aura (Caster Level 17th, Dispel DC 28, Will DC 20, Open Lock DC 50, Break DC 27, Hardness 13, Hit Points 1)

Clone If Quintessa is slain, her soul immediately transfers to a clone of her own flesh, creating a replacement (provided that her soul is free and willing to return). The clone is physically identical with her original form and possesses the same personality and memories. If she had lost levels since the flesh sample was taken and died at a lower level than the clone would otherwise be, the clone is one level below the level at which she died.
The spell duplicates only her body and mind, not her equipment; her clone presently wears an exquisite starlight cloth dress [19] with onyx-studded dancing slippers [20]. Her original physical remains, should they still exist, become inert and cannot thereafter be restored to life.
Contingency The next time Quintessa is reduced to 0 hit points or fewer she instantly receives the benefit of a polymorph spell, although she retains her original form and appearance. She receives the spell's effect immediately, even if reduced to −10 hit points or fewer by an enemy attack, and thus may survive a blow that would otherwise kill her. Caster Level 17th. Dispel DC 28.
Enhanced Intelligence Quintessa has correctly answered the questions asked of her by the prismatic-hued animated columns of Zagig Yragerne, founder of Greyhawk's Guild of Wizardry, heightening her mental faculties. For further details, see "Chamber of Seven Secrets" from Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk, page 91.
Enhanced Knowledge Quintessa has read Yenejg Togan's Planar Syllabus, expanding her knowledge of extraplanar lore. For further details, see "The Seventh Arm" from Dungeon Magazine #88 September/October 2001, page 104.
High Arcana Quintessa's level of archmage grants her the following ability:
Arcane Reach (Su) Quintessa's touch spells have a 30-foot range.
Memberships Quintessa's financial, social, and magical influence has earned her membership to a number of guilds and organizations.
Bluecrater Academy One of the tallest buildings in Cauldron, a free city bordering the Hellfurnaces and the Amedio Jungle of Oerth, Bluecrater Academy is also the primary place of learning there. The building has five stories, each of which is dedicated to an increasing level of education. Financed partially by tuition fees (but also by the support of nobles like Lady Ophellha Knowlern, the Aslaxins, and the Taskerhills) Bluecrater Academy is where the lucky youth of Cauldron go to learn a trade. The upper floors consist of extensive libraries and researches' offices. For further details, see The Shackled City Adventure Path, page 24.
Cusp of Sunrise This high-society club is a favorite place for Cauldron's rich and powerful to meet and relax. The Cusp of Sunrise is owned and operated by Lady Ophellha Knowlern. For further details, see The Shackled City Adventure Path, page 128.
Guild of Wizardry The Guild of Wizardry, a magical institution within the Free City of Greyhawk on Oerth, was founded over two-hundred years ago by the legendary Lord Mayor Zagig Yragerne, known as the Mad Archmage. The guild exists to studying and expanding the knowledge of magic. It maintains an extensive library, and runs the University of Magical Arts to train potential new members. All of this is quite expensive, and membership is costly. To cover expenses the Guild also takes commissions to make magic items, and brokers items for its members.
Quintessa's magical ability, her knowledge of the arcane and skill in spellcraft, and her donation of materials, reagents, and magical items, including two scrolls of Quintessa's dweomerdrain, has made her a respected member of the Guild. For further details, see "Wizards' Guildhall" from Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk, page 30, and "Guild of Wizardry" from the Greyhawk Ruins Sourcebook, page 18.
Permanent Spells Quintessa has made the following spells permanent on herself: arcane sight, comprehend languages, darkvision, protection from arrows, see invisibility, superior resistance [47], and tongues. Caster Level 17th. Dispel DC 28.
Spellpool (Su) As a guildmage of Greyhawk, Quintessa can call spells from a common source: the Spellpool. The Guild of Wizardry managed to subdue and chain a demigod of ancient days below their stronghold, in emulation of their founder, Zagig Yragerne. What the guildmages actually do when they call spells from the "Spellpool" is, perhaps unbeknownst to them, slowly draining the essense of this being.
Quintessa received a special focus at the time of her initiation, which allows access to the Spellpool and works only for her. If she loses her focus, she must undergo another intiation. Each time she calls a spell, she incurs a debt; if the debt is not repaid in a timely manner, her access to the Spellpool is automatically suspended. Failure to pay off a debt within one year results in her expulsion from the Guild. Once the debt is repaid, however, she immediately regains access to the Spellpool. For further details, see "Mage of the Arcane Order" from the Complete Arcane, page 48.
Voice of the Soul Gem Quintessa was struck by the white light of the Soul Gem of Inverness, her eyes, hair, and skin being drained of all color; but for the moment of pain she made a connection with one of the many souls within it. This left Quintessa with a strange voice in her head knowledgeable in extraplanar matters. For further details, see "Voices of the Soul Gem" from Return to the Ghost Tower of Inverness, page 28.

"This world is mine for the taking!"

Scion of the ancient Suel Imperium, Lady Quintessa of House Neheli is an archmage possessing legendary powers of sorcery with ambition to match. Her knowledge of arcana and spellcraft approaches that of the most infamous magical guilds, while her quest to unlock the dark secrets of her ancient kin is unrelenting.

Lady Quintessa of House Neheli was born in Thornward, former capital of the March of Bissel, on Godsday, 4th of Needfest, 575 cy. Heir to an ancient lineage of Suloise wizardry, Quintessa was the result of Al'Kelshar, ancient magic utilizing the blood of past mages and the touch of the fatherland to spark the power of sorcery within her. She was raised amid the splendor and conflict of the surrounding Sheldomar Valley, Baklunish West, and the eastern Flanaess, learning early the value of power and that weakness was not to be countenanced.

In 584 cy, as Bissel fell to hated Kettite hordes, the budding mage was sent away in safety to the Free City of Greyhawk to enter its prestigious University of Magical Arts; as her arcane might grew, however, she had found that her magical ability came without the need for spellbooks, leading Quintessa to believe that she had already surpassed her wizardly peers.

Achieving the first level of her sorcerous power inflamed Quintessa's desire to master the ancient mysteries and magical traditions of her ancestors and, in 591 cy, she left the Free City behind to research the works of Linia Hoistreth, the Lady Sage of Safeton, who's knowledge of the Suel Imperium had been prodigious; there she learned of Slerotin's Manifesto, a tome inscribed by the Last Mage of Power and owned by Lady Hoistreth until her death, lost for nearly a century before being found across the world in Scant, the capital of Onnwal, resting in a cathedral dedicated to Wee Jas, the Suloise goddess of magic.

As 592 cy set in Quintessa sailed across the Sea of Gearnat to seek this prize, yet it was all for naught; Slerotin's Manifesto had been lost as a result of the chaos between the citzens of Onnwal and the Scarlet Brotherhood, an organization of pureblooded Suel seeking dominance over the whole of the Oerth. Finding herself at a dead end Quintessa decided to travel west across the Azure Sea into Jeklea Bay and the port of Sasserine, her final destination being the Hellfurnaces, the volcanic mountain range that formed the eastern border of a desert called the Sea of Dust, the remnants of her ancestral homeland; there could be no better place to explore her heritage than this caustic wasteland.

Reaching ashore in 593 cy Quintessa traveled south along the Amedio Highway before coming upon a small frontier city named Cauldron, the last bastion of civilization for hundreds of miles. While integrating herself into the upper echelons of Cauldronite society she found herself swept up in politics, intrigue, and nightmare plots that threatened to bring all of the Flanaess spiraling into damnation. Constantly tested in these wilds she drew upon spellcraft that had laid dormant within her, bolstering her magical talents manyfold, and after facing floods, fiends, and foul necromancy Quintessa's sorcerous power grew to terrifying proportions.

Now as the future dawns, with such cosmic forces at her fingertips and fiendish servants at her beck and call, this child of the Suel Imperium draws ever closer to attaining arcane glory not seen since the last days of the Mages of Power…

Environment: While she is most at home in the finest inns surrounded by luxurious decor, Quintessa is an archmage possessing vast magical ability; the entire multiverse is open to her, and her drive to obtain lost arcane lore has led her to travel to exotic and hostile environments, from the City of Splendors to the City of Towers to the City of Brass.

Yet no matter where she travels to she knows there is no more beauteous sight than the Gem of the Flanaess (at least outside of a mirror).

Physical Characteristics: A flawless reflection of the Imperium's ancient decadence, Quintessa appears as a beautiful, voluptuous young woman with long, snow-white hair and alabaster skin, her ivory eyes alight with the azure glow of arcane sight. Her soft features give way only when the legendary fury of the Suel is unleashed.

She often wears a silken gown that sparkles like the heavens seen over the horizon of the world. Her personal sigil, a blue rose in the form of a capital "Q" in the cursive script, is emblazoned both within her signet ring and as an arcane mark upon her right hip.

Alignment: Quintessa acts solely on her own whims and desires… and she desires nothing less than ultimate dominion over reality. Believing herself above the masses she loves to manipulate and inflict suffering on those she sees as beneath her, which is everyone, and to see others act just as depraved. Like the fiends she calls to her service, Quintessa exemplifies chaotic evil.

As a noble arcanist always on the move, Quintessa has deigned to carry much of her wealth on her person, and always in the most extravagant means possible. A considerable portion of her resources went towards enhancing her spellcasting, and her talents have won her membership to various guilds and organizations. Her total wealth is comparable to a player character of her Challenge Rating.

In researching the Suel Imperium one name continued to appear time and time again: Faerûn. From the skulks of the Suel Eight-House War appearing beneath Calimshan to the creation of the "Orb of Draconic Influence" mirroring the brainchild of Emperor Inzhilem II, this forgotten realm piqued Quintessa's interest. Then, as luck would have it, she crossed paths with a shade who had been investigating the loss of one his own, a Power of Shadow named Zol Darklock who had infiltrated the Suel Imperium in centuries past.

With a bit of deduction of her own Quintessa learned that the shades descended from their own ancient nation, the Empire of Netheril, who's potent arcanists were no less mighty than the Mages of Power. With the knowledge of planar magic at her disposal she traversed the Plane of Shadow to visit the world of Abeir-Toril in 1378 dr, "The Year of the Cauldron," to explore their own side of the Underdark, to partake of the loftiest heights of Waterdeep and the darkest depths of Undermountain, and to learn all that she could about the Nether Scrolls and "the Weave," researching lost arcane secrets from raising floating enclaves to stealing the powers of a god…

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ÂmesangD&D 3e: Spells
  December 21, 2012 5:00 AM | Post #2
has lost the game

Level Sorcerer/Wizard 3
Components V, S
Casting Time 1 standard action
Range Touch
Target Objects touched
Duration Instantaneous
Saving Throw Will negates (harmless, object)
Spell Resistance Yes (harmless, object)

With but a touch you exchange powers between arms and armor.
You can exchange armor, shield, or weapon abilities, respectively, of equivalent value, either in effective enhancement bonus or gold piece value. For example, if you have a +2 longsword and a +1 flaming greataxe, you could exchange one point of enhancement from the first weapon and the flaming quality of the second weapon, to produce a +1 flaming longsword and a +2 greataxe. Likewise, you could exchange the etherealness ability of one armor with the undead controlling ability of another armor. The abilities to be exchanged must be appropriate to the particular object, such as the keen ability's limitation to piercing and slashing weapons.
With your referee's permission, you may exchange one or more abilities for one or more abilities of total equivalent value. For example, you could exchange the vorpal quality of one weapon (+5) for the holy (+2) and speed (+3) qualities of another weapon.
This spell does not work on artifacts.
— Tome and Blood, p.81
— Rules Compendium, p.160

Level Sorcerer/Wizard 5
Components V, S
Casting Time 1 standard action
Range Touch
Target Object touched
Duration Instantaneous and 10 minutes/level or until expended; see text
Saving Throw Will negates (object)
Spell Resistance No

With but a touch you drain a pool of XP from a magic item and retain it for the purpose of casting spells that have an XP component. The XP gained from draining a magic item through this spell are not counted toward attaining a new level. Each casting drains from a single magic item the amount of XP it took to create the item, rendering the item nonmagical.
You may draw from this pool whenever casting a spell that has an XP component, paying any leftover cost yourself. For example, if you touch a fully-charged wand of lightning bolt you drain 450 XP, or 9 XP (450 ÷ 50) per charge, with which to cast a spell such as limited wish. Drained XP are retained for 10 minutes per caster level; any points not spent when the spell's duration expires are wasted.
An item in a creature's possession uses its own Will save bonus or its possessor's Will save bonus, whichever is higher.
This spell does not work on artifacts.
— Tome and Blood, p.81
— Rules Compendium, p.160

Level Sorcerer/Wizard 4
Components V, S, F
Casting Time 1 standard action
Range Touch
Target Creature touched
Duration 24 hours
Saving Throw Will negates (harmless)
Spell Resistance Yes (harmless)

With but a touch you ward a subject from the full effects of one magic item of up to 15th level, on hand or specified by name, history, description, or identified by some other like manner. Your caster level must be equal to or greater than the magic item's caster level. Quintessa's dweomershield does not remove a cursed item from the subject's possession, but it will nullify its effects. Magic weapons still deal damage as a non-magical weapon of the same type.
Only one casting of Quintessa's dweomershield can affect a subject at a time; if a second is cast, the first one (if still active) is dispelled.
This spell does not work on artifacts.
Focus: A piece of jewelry embedded with a diamond worth at least 1,000 gp, to be worn by the warded subject.
— Tome and Blood, p.81
— Rules Compendium, p.160

Level Sorcerer/Wizard 0
Components V, S, M
Casting Time 1 standard action
Range 0 ft.
Area See text
Duration 1 hour/level (D)
Saving Throw None
Spell Resistance No

This spell causes one of the caster's fingers to appear to flicker with a blue-white flame (no actual heat or flame is produced). At will, the caster can cause patterns traced in the air or on a surface by the finger to glow, remaining in place for the spell duration either (chosen during casting) moving with breezes or the movement of an object its traced upon, or remaining stationary despite changing conditions around it.
These glowing patterns can't be active magical runes, sigils, symbols, or glyphs, but they can have the appearance of genuine magic, either as instructions to another spellcaster (to cast or use a particular spell, perhaps, or to draw a symbol exactly like this one), or as a ruse to fool intruders. This spell is often used to draw directing arrows or spell out clear (or misleading) inscriptions. Its magic enables the caster to cause the lines made by certain finger movements to glow and other traceries not to, so clear and concise symbols can be created, not an endless squiggly line that "builds up" into one symbol after another.
Material Component: A pinch of powdered glowworm, a live firefly, or a bit of phosphorescent fungus.
— "The Wizards Three: The Night It Wailed Wizards," Dragon Magazine #246 April 1998, p.90
— Conversion Manual, p.15



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